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Red Flag Alert for Zoho CRM is a marketplace extension that will connect your CRM system to a database of over 6 million UK businesses, including business and financial data, visible instantly within your CRM.

Once connected, you may lookup the company, match the company number and then retrieve vital information about each business, giving your Sales and Account Management teams the ability to make more informed business decisions, much faster than ever before, right from within your own CRM system.

Once you have installed the extension, the following fields will be created for you in the Leads and Accounts modules.

Field Description
Company The name we have for this business
Company Number The Companies House identification number for the company
RFA Rating The Red Flag Alert credit rating currently assigned to this company
RFA Rating Description The long description of this rating
Incorporation Date The date of first registration of the Company at Companies House
Cash in Bank The cash in bank as declared in the latest accounts
SIC Codes Specific sic codes which this company is in
Net Worth (Assets-Liabilities) The value of total tangible assets minus total outside liabilities.
Turnover The last turnover figures filed at Companies House (if available)
Employees The last employee count filed at Companies House (if available)
Credit Limit The credit limit we have for this business
Company Phone The telephone number we have for this business
Company Email The email address we have for this business

Install Marketplace Extension

Once you have clicked on the link to install simply follow the on-screen prompts and agree to the terms of service then click Continue

Now Choose the Users/Profiles you wish to install and click Confirm

Once installed you may return to the Home screen and start using the Extension now.


Using the Red Flag Alert for Zoho CRM Extension

The extension may be used in both the Leads and Accounts modules as follows:

a) Using within Leads module where you do not have a company number

Once you have added your basic lead details click on the Custom Button dropdown and navigate to and click on Company Lookup

The first time you use the extension you will see a message stating No Active Plan.


To subscribe to a plan, click on the subscription tab and click on the Subscribe.

Enter your account information and payment details.


How to credit check

Click Search

Scroll down to your desired listing, using the address fields and postcode to help you locate the company you wish to retrieve records for. Click on your selection which will highlight green then click Update.

Wait a couple of seconds and when your Lead page is returned refresh the browser to see the Financial records from Red Flag

Refresh Credit Check

Leads and Accounts Modules – records with a Company Number in the CRM

If you wish to retrieve the latest financial details for an existing Lead or Account and have the Company Number in the system already you may follow the steps below.

Open your existing Lead/Account record click on the Custom Button dropdown and navigate to and click on Refresh Credit Check

After a few seconds simply close the pop-up success message that appears and see the latest results in your CRM record.

We hope you find this short guide useful, if you have any further questions please write to us at