Live Chat & Website Visitor Tracking

Identify & Nurture Potential Customers

What is Live Chat & Website Visitor Tracking?

A tool that integrates into your website that allows you to monitor visitors real time and gain more insights about their location, source, referrer, time spent on website,and previous conversations. Set rules and reach out to targeted prospects who land on a certain pages or perform a specific action and engage with them using the live chat feature.

What can Live Chat & Website Visitor Tracking do for my business?

Track and engage visitors.

Get live information like visitor location, web path and referrer. See where they’re from, what they’ve been doing on your website and have live conversations

Visitor insights and lead scoring

Gain access to a highly insightful list of ‘All’ your website visitors. Prioritize them as hot, warm and cold based on their lead score. Drive sharper and more relevant engagement

CRM-driven engagement

Convert your CRM data into actionable insights. Use CRM data to prioritize your website visitors in real-time, receive hot prospect alerts and drive targeted engagement.

Sell smarter. Close deals faster

Automating website-visitor engagement with intelligent triggers. Recognize & engage prospects landing on your website through email campaigns.

How Can We Help?

First, we will talk to you to understand your goals & priorities for the visitors before proposing options for how best to setup the solution to meet them.

Once agreed, we will complete the setup and website integration including branding before training your team on how to use the solution.

Finally, once you are up and running, our onboarding process will provide support until you confirm that your goals have been achieved and the solution has been successfully adopted by your team and customers.

left-borderKey Service Features

  • Low Cost Setup
  • Monthly Subscription Plan Options available
  • Setup and Training included
  • Website Integration & Branding included
  • CRM Integration Available

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