Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Attract, delight and retain customers

What is Customer Relationship Management?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach to managing a company’s interactions with current and future customers. A Cloud hosted CRM solution helps to organise, automate, and synchronise sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support. It is arguably the most important system your business needs to have in place to attract new customers whilst delighting and retaining your existing ones.

What can CRM do for my business?

It will allow you to record all communication with clients, prospects, partners, including calls, social media interactions, emails, meetings in one single place.

This information will allow you to know more about each and every one of your customers and understand what is needed to make them happy, buy more from you and refer your services to others.

This knowledge, will help you understand how, when, why and how often you need to engage with them – which will help to build and maintain stronger, sustainable and profitable relationships.

How Can We Help?

First, we discuss your goals, priorities, challenges and opportunities and provide independent advice and help you to select the best CRM for your business.

Next ,we create a plan that will define the blueprint for the project, including what will be setup, when, how and why.

Once agreed, we complete the plan of action, train your team and empower your managers

Finally, our onboarding phase provides you with support post go-live to make sure that your goals have been achieved and the CRM solution has been adopted successfully by your team & customers.
See below for three exclusive options for you to choose from.

left-borderKey Service Features

CRM Essentials

  • 1 Day Training Session
  • Expert tuition to help master the essentials quickly
  • Essentials include: how to setup, use and get the most of the solution
  • Suitable for Micro-Business Owner who prefers a hands-on approach

CRM Masterclass

  • 4 x ½ Day Workshops
  • Each Session combines expert tuition with action planning
  • You complete the actions in between sessions
  • We provide feedback, further guidance and more tuition
  • Gain experience, knowledge and skills at an accelerated rate
  • Suitable for Small Business Owner

CRM Project

  • Typically 3-10 Days Duration
  • Includes setup, configuration, training, data migration
  • Includes automated workflow and integration with other systems
  • Delivered by Award Winning Expert Consultants
  • Suitable for Medium/Large Businesses

left-borderWhat People Say

The new CRM system has transformed our business. It has without a doubt improved productivity and efficiency. We can now also accurately report on sales forecasts which is something we haven’t ever been able to do. Before the new CRM, our business was still relying on paper work. This system has really brought our business into the 21st century and our customers are now commenting on how much more efficient we seem to be
Kelli Keenan, Marketing Manager, Chantelle Lighting Ltd
From having no CRM system, other than paper and spreadsheets, to an on-line cloud based CRM system working with Dominic has had an almost immeasurable impact on my business. I am more efficient, have information at the touch of a button wherever I am working and have valuable data which I can use in my business growth plans
Paul Ainsthorpe, Managing Director, Imaginative Coaching Ltd

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