Collaborative Mobile & Office Productivity Tools

Improve Collaboration with Customers & Colleagues

What are Collaborative Mobile & Office Productivity Tools?

A cloud-based suite of applications that are used to store, share and access all documents used by your business. With integrated calendar, email and web-conference, word processing and spreadsheet tools it’s a complete office productivity solution that can be accessed and updated by your team anytime from any device.

What can Collaborative Mobile & Office Productivity Tools do for my business?

  • Go paperless – save money by eliminating printing costs
  • Reduced IT costs and overhead as there is no need to own, manage or maintain an expensive server
  • Facilitates flexible working and reduces travel time and costs
  • Increase customer & employee confidence and satisfaction through improved communication
  • Encourage your employees to work smarter not harder, which will improve their morale, reduce staff turnover and increase productivity

How Can We Help?

First of all we will aim to understand your goals and objectives as we begin the Discovery phase. Then,

with our expertise in business process we’ll match your requirements and advise on the best solution for your business. Once we have helped you pick the right solution, we will assist with setup and training – creating a flexible implementation plan based on your users existing knowledge and skills.

Once you are up and running our Onboarding process will ensure we stay with you until your goals have been met and the solution has been successfully adopted by your team and your customers.

left-borderKey Service Features

  • Discovery session to understand your goals, needs and processes
  • Initial setup & training included
  • Flexible pricing plans including FREE
  • Hosted solution – no backup/upgrades needed
  • Integration and automation included
  • Onboarding process to guarantee your satisfaction

left-borderWhat People Say

“Having worked with Dominic recently on a project I’m happy to say that I was impressed with his ‘can do’ attitude and responsiveness. He fully understood our business process and objectives and delivered everything we asked for on time and within budget – thanks again!”
David Kennett, Storetech

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