Helpdesk Application & Support Portal

Delight and Retain Existing Customers

What is a Helpdesk Application & Support Portal?

A cloud-based customer service application designed to help you capture, manage and resolve customer service and support queries

What can a Helpdesk Application & Support Portal do for my business?

  • Allow you to collate and manage queries from multiple channels i.e. phone, email, SMS, web-forms, chat, social media, forum in one single place
  • Provides easy access for your customers and employees from anywhere, anytime using the customisable web portal
  • Increase customer satisfaction through improved tracking and closure of queries
  • Develop a more robust and professional service through measuring and responding to the reason for your customers calls
  • Deliver an efficient, consistent and professional service using automation and workflows
  • Build stronger relationships and increase repeat sales by integrating with a CRM solution

How Can We Help?

First, we will talk to you to understand your goals & priorities for how you’d like to improve the service you provide to your customers. We will apply our extensive knowledge and experience in this area to help you select the best solution and advise on how we feel it could be setup to meet your goal and process requirements.

Once agreed, we will complete the setup and any integration before training your team on how to use the solution.

Finally, once you are up and running, our onboarding process will provide support until you confirm that your goals have been achieved and the solution has been successfully adopted by your team and customers.

left-borderKey Service Features

  • Discovery session to understand your goals, needs and processes
  • Initial setup & training included
  • Flexible pricing plans including FREE
  • Hosted solution – no backup/upgrades needed
  • Integration and automation included
  • Onboarding process to guarantee your satisfaction

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